Happy Birthday Austin – July 28, 2014

Posted: July 28, 2014 in Samples of My Writing

A poem for my son Austin to celebrate his 25th Birthday Today ! From Partake


This Glorious and Ruined Self

My son sits at his high school
Graduation dance and leans forward
Eager for what comes next
I want to hold him
Tell him everything will be okay
He doesn’t dance
But sits while friends visit
Later we pose for a photograph
And when I look at it
The privacy of that moment
Eludes the camera.

Later we wait for the C train
And Calgary darkens to
The same burdened traffic
And end of day rush
Of any modern city
He is in flight from me
At an ever greater speed
He fits in his own life best
I don’t know his wishes
Like I once did
And still on days like this
Just being his father is enough.

Each young life starts slow
And then gains momentum
As dreams unearth
The dangerous parts
On the C train I discover
The man he will be
In the quick smile he gives me
Before we get off
I come up short
What I’ve planned to say
No longer rings true

Instead we walk
In the freshly made dark
Overhead a few brighter stars
Penetrate the city’s canopy
And I want to pitch a rock
And knock one from its perch
Make one more wonder between us
Before I let him go.

  1. Brad Fillo says:

    Hi Robert! I stumbled across your website from FB (thanks to Marie).

    I want you to know how much this poem touched me. Allison and I have three kids now (a boy and two girls). And while I love each new day with them (and the adventures it may bring), I mourn just a little the passing of the previous day. I sense a similar theme in your words.

    I especially feel your line: “Make one more wonder between us…” I love how I can make their eyes light up (usually with something simple) and it saddens me that as they grow they will not be so easily fooled into thinking their Daddy is the magician/hero they may think I am now.

    Thank you for bringing a moving moment of poetry to my day sir.


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