The Night Season – Poem to remember my brother – August 26, 2013

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Samples of My Writing, Writing Posts
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A poem to remember my brother Brian Austin Hilles who died 5 years ago today. His laughter gone for good but not forgotten.

The Night Season

whenever I walked abroad in the night season, when
the firmament was clear and cloudless, I abandoned all else without
exception and gave myself up to the beauties of the heavens
. . . .
– Julian, Augustus, Hymn to King Helios

I think of my brother
At the end of his life
The air ahead thick
With squawking birds or
The dull drone of a tired machine
No music or kind words
A drumbeat maybe
Or the static from a radio station
Signed off for the night even the priest
Already having done his needless bit.

Today as I walk
In Chiang Mai a rat
Scurries ahead of me
Escaping the exterminator
Blowing smoke into street drains
The man works with his head down
And either does not see or care
About one that gets away.
We are all safe only for now.

Time’s forward will
Shapes an instant in its bubble.
My brother did not know why
The end came so fast.
When he asked my sister what he’d done
To deserve this pain
Nothing was all she could say
My brother the Good Samaritan
Always lending a hand when needed.

On his final day he did not sleep well
He woke several times
And in the morning had trouble breathing
Pam drove him to the hospital
And he walked in on his own
They led him to a room
With a blue number on it
As if that made a difference.

  1. Debra Bell says:

    I like this poem Robert- sweet and sad, I was reading some others and noticed you mentioned Redden’s store- do you have a connection to Eastern Canada? Just asking because my mom’s maiden name was Redden from Nova Scotia. Hope you continue with the wonderful poetry you are producing.
    Debra Bell

    • Debra:

      Thanks for your comment. I am happy that you like the poems. Actually the Redden’s Store I mention is at Longbow Lake in Northwestern Ontario (11 miles east of Kenora) so a much different part of the country. So no connection to Novia Scotia. Interesting to hear that there are lots of Redden there too.


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