Acceleration – Poem to Remember my Brother Brian – Sept 9, 2012

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Samples of My Writing, Writing Posts

A poem to remember my brother Brian Hilles who would have been 59 today, Sept 9, 2012. This poem is from my new book, Time Lapse  published 2012 by Black Moss Press.


 (for Brian A. Hilles: September 9, 1953 to August 26, 2008)

At seventeen my brother took the hairpin curve
at the bottom of Trilake Timber Hill going ninety

Then he let his 1957 Buick coast to a stop got out and looked the
way he’d come lit a cigarette reached inside cranked up the radio

He batted the air and took a long drag drummed his knees
then went still the song played through the rhythm and lead
guitars faltering but the base line matched the car’s rough idle

He got in and drove back the way he came and this time between releasing
the gas and hitting the brake he coasted forever

  1. This poem was amazing and I am sorry for your loss 😦

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