For Safekeeping – Nov 16, 2011 – Short Story

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is the opening to my short story: For Safekeeping, which is from a new book of short stories called: The Conversationalist.

The full story is published at the ezine Page 47 so follow the link to read the full story:

For Safekeeping


Averie turns north onto 10th Street, eager to put distance between her and what has just happened. Before this morning her biggest worry has been coordinating her ovulation cycle with Bruce’s low sperm count. For days at a time she has thought of little else. Do the math  her sister told her. That’s the trick to getting pregnant. Karen has three lovely children to prove it.

She takes 10th Street because it’s faster than 14th Street. The long wait at the first set of lights near Memorial Drive causes her to drum her fingers on the steering wheel and take a quick glance toward the passenger side, despite the risk.



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