Pitch – June 8, 2011

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Samples of My Writing, Writing Posts

Another poem from Time Lapse. This one for my grandson Jacob Adler. Time Lapse will be published by Black Moss Press later this year. Here is the cover image taken by Marty Gervais:

  for Jacob

On the beach at Welbury Bay
I pick amongst stones and shells
with my grandson he runs his hand
along smoothed rock and finds
where the sea thrusts down
and out again how by this zigzag
and others he arrives on this beach
with his grandfather

He holds up a pincer, shoulder,
and hollowed shell worn clean
by the thorough sea’s rush to shore
he says Look and means this is
what gets left when a crab dies

I snap his picture and then zoom
in on fingers pinched around a limb
behind him a gull swoops
to snatch a fish and climbs
wings pushing down
the gull like us going only one way

My grandson crouches down and giggles
oh to be that close and to know

Download the ebook version of Higher Ground by clicking here


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