Beloved – Oct 23, 2010

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Samples of My Writing

Here’s a poem from Higher Ground. This is featured on BookClubBuddy as well as a short interview. Here is Bob Chelmick reading of from his radio show on CKUA called The Road Home. The Kindle version of Higher Ground can be downloaded at:

Also an interview on All Things Saltspring:


(for Pearl)

It drizzles all day in Sooke.
By the window of our new house,
I watch the sea
take back the rain.
Your hand on my neck
rubs through pain.
Last night I turned to you in sleep
and you warmed all the places night chilled.
Rain drummed the roof
and our empty house murmured.

Today waves crest rocks
and my thoughts
follow your fingers as they travel.
Winter stays frozen to the peaks of mountains
across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the sea
repeats the sky’s delicate, worn tones.
I worry that I can describe the ocean
but not your face.
Beloved, your eyes wear
the blues and greens of spring.
You heat muffins in the oven
and walk between empty rooms
planning a future
my heart races toward.

Yesterday a seal poked its face
out of pale water.
We walked to the edge of the rocks
seeking its animal attention.
Patient as the sea, it bobbed
for an usually long time
and watched us with moist, steady eyes.
Today I scan the ocean for that seal
but the water reigns alone.

My thoughts shift from sea
to the tip of your tongue pausing between whispers.
My ears shut out all but the sounds
of us coming home.
I trace a line along the uneven surface
of the strait out into the channel
where a lone freighter
snails toward the open sea.
From our house it looks small
and insignificant just as we must
to anyone on board looking back.
I let this love slip tighter into me.
I turn away from the sea
and kiss you once
as the empty house
settles more firmly into place.


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