A Long Row of Days – July 27, 2010

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Samples of My Writing

Another poem from Partake. Click on the video link above to hear me read the poem. Also please see my poem at Wattpad.com

A Long Row of Days – Chekhov

Take one brown piece of paper
Fold it in half from the right
Take another and
Fold it from the left.
Lay them side by side
Leaving a gap between them
Look into that gap
Tap your fingers on the desk
Turn to one side or the other and listen
That sound just now
Out in the yard
A thrush or crow
It doesn’t matter
That is the sound of you
Entering that gap
Filling it with all of your being
That is you
Going away for good.

Someone who enters the room later
Will find an empty desk
No paper, no gap
No sign of you
Just the flat rosewood surface
Polished without a scratch
Beautiful in the way
Only wood can be beautiful.
That will matter to them.


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