After You Sleep I Sleep – July 11, 2010

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Samples of My Writing

A poem for my daughter to honour Daughters Week and who successfully defended her Master’s Thesis this week! This prose poem was written in the first year of her life and is available in Wrapped Within Again.

Here is my Reading of this poem: After You Sleep I Sleep

After You Sleep I Sleep

When I went to wake you, I found you sitting in your crib. I was surprised to find you already awake, so quiet, as though you knew I was still sleeping. And I saw you differently. Not as my small daughter, too fragile yet for this complicated world. But as one who knows how your father sleeps without any trees in his dreams. How some days he is too tired to hear you cough at night. His pillow hiding his face like a mask. This morning I could not speak to you my head still filled with your solitude. Someday you will kiss me a certain way, and I will know that my years are more a hindrance than an aid. I will know that you see all the trees I cannot dream. Forgive my hands as they lifted you this morning from your peace. I cannot explain yet why I did that. Or why this poem will not let me speak of it now. Content to confuse as only words and poems can.


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