Father’s Day Poem: Don’t Know When to Quit – June 20, 2010

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

A poem for my father on this Father’s Day. He has been dead these past 15 years but is still missed and remembered. This poem is also from Partake. Hello again Dad!

Don’t Know When to Quit

My father was proudest of me
When I looked to see
The salt he left behind
In his work on the highways
For him faith had broken wings
Angels too busy with music
To notice our missteps
My father worked out in rain and snow
Hoisted into the air
Tender flakes of the unknown
If left to him
There would be more good
Sprinkled out ahead of us
Than there is

Each day my father
Resurrected, drew out of his sleep
What he could still hold onto
Bits and pieces of memories
That never really fit together
All of us are the same, comprised
Of dripping paint and chips of wood.

When I was a boy I
Always thought my father
Was only one man
But he was many
Some spoke with kind loving words
Others barely spoke at all

My father says “Hello son,”
And I pull him into a hug
It’s all a thousand times slower.


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