Fly – June 13, 2010

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Samples of My Writing

Here is another poem from Outlasting the Landscape. That was the first book I wrote fully on the computer. I wrote most of the poems between 1984 and 1987 and they were written on an IBM XT using Wordstar. This poem, Fly, only appears in this book. This book was published in 1989 by Thistledown Press but is no longer in print. I imagine this poem being delivered in a very high pitched voice.


There is
little I can
not eat or
see. I can
see in every
direction at
once. I see
My jaws seek
the tissue
of anything.
I will love
you but only
as long as I
can taste
you. I can
walk in
every direction.
Man only
wanted me in
his hell.
But I have
changed all
that. He
and I are
At one time
we were
united within
one body.

But he
wanted more
took to
speaking to
god on his
own. Plotted
to drive me
out of the
Instead god
gave me more
eyes so I
could keep
separated us
so that he
could see
who would
survive. He
gave man
words and me
wings. Below
us there is
a long list
but their
chances are
small. Man
and I want
it all.

We’re not
brave or
heroic, just
greedy. God
didn’t give
or cunning.
He thought
better of
that. He
wanted us to
fail to make
us return to
him humble
But we
didn’t fail.
No, we were
more desperate
than he gave
us credit
for. We are
a good team.
I can see
the small
things man
misses. I
eat what he
discards. We
kill each other
when we can.
It’s not
love but it
couldn’t be


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