Poem Posted May 28, 2010

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Samples of My Writing

Poem about Salt Spring amongst other things. From my new book Partake. Out now from Black Moss Press:


By St. Mary’s Lake
A deer protracts a shadow
One final time
And out over water
The night sky stretches
To the shore where
Darkened poppies bob.

The injured deer
Will die by morning and
From an almighty view
It is but one more corpse
Blurred by the exactness
Of time.

The deer no different than us
In that as it lies under an arbutus
Pain shreds even the dark.
That dying animal
Is God’s creature
By whatever derivation you like

Your God or mine
Must let the deer die
Later he will send birds
And a hailstorm
This is but a placebo
God says as he wields
A pair of needle-nose pliers
Forgive me he says
Every living creature
Has a bargain with me

After the birds have feasted
Only bits of bone, blood, and flesh
Will remain
That too a placebo.


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