Poem Posted May 3, 2010

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Samples of My Writing

Another poem from Partake out in late May 2010 from Black Moss Press.

Noisy Heart

For Pearl

One year ago to this hour
Your mother passed away
Today the sun bakes
Our young fig tree
Its skeletal branches
Broadened with green, leafy purpose.
We are surrounded
By late spring’s insistence
Each plant’s calibrated, seasonal rush

Last year when you called with the news
I faced the choppy waters of Wellbury Bay
And watched each wave’s impact.
We talked for over an hour
As you recounted your mother’s last day.

The terrible speed of those final hours
Left you raw with pain and yet
It all passed too quickly
For you to gain a proper hold
Until that halted moment
When her noisy heart hushed.


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