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This love poem is from Somewhere Between Obstacles and Pleasure published in 1999 by Black Moss Press. Here is a link to me reading this poem:  AuthorsAloud and my reading on YouTube: 

Shaped by the Wind

We drive north of Carbondale Lookout
and pass trees shaped by the prevailing wind.
Beneath the surface history grows
and the earth collects each thing that dies
willing to hold all that time has let loose.

Pine trees lean east as if in motion
caught mid flight like fleeing animals,
except, unlike us, trees and plants
are joined to the earth
by restless roots
grasping dark soil.

You drive briskly
and lean over to squeeze my knee.
You say I love you,
and I forget history boiling beneath us,
forget the birth of coal,
think only of your warm hand,
as it seeks
the soft spot above my knee
pushing gently
like a root taking hold.