Poem Posted April 2007

Posted: May 11, 2007 in Samples of My Writing

Poem for Week of May 7th 2007:

Slow Ascent

Here’s a poem from my new book Slow Ascent published Oct 2006 by Black Moss Press:

50 Varieties of Apples

For Pearl

Fat, King apples ripen
on trees facing Long Harbour Road
50 varieties grow on Salt Spring
and each fall
they redden leafless branches.
Yesterday we lay in bed reading,
your slender fingers
traveled my body
and for a time we let go.
Like those autumn apples
we surrendered
to this uneven passing of summer.

I focused on your fingers
tried to anticipate their path
but I guessed wrong.
Yet that is love, too,
always guessing
what the other will do next
finding worthiness in that one riddle.

Today the sight of those
near-ripe apples reminds me
how their ripening
measures the year
in weather and light,
and how the earth remembers,
each hour shed
of memory and time.
Even as I hold them
their flesh grows
brown in my hand.


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